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                                                                           Name: Charlene (Kalene)

                                                                     Birthday: April 6, 1983

                                                       Current Resident: Alexandria, VA U.S.A

Barely the age of thirty American/Filipino entertainer, simply known as Charlene returns to the entertainment scene. Taking off on a near gear, as a dancer/song writer/ and actress. In 2005 she appeared on Cox ETWN’s Special Mass For The Shut-Inn’s as a chorus singer, with Holy Family Catholic Church. She is currently doing hula shows through Halau Ho'omau I ka Wai Ola O Hawai’i. Charlene has been turning talent scouts like Blake Green of John Robert Powers, at a very young age. A native of Indianapolis, Indiana; she first took center stage at Pearl Harbor Kei Elementary in Hawai’i performing an act with her class from the musical Sound of Music

Returning to the east coast in '93, she was given her first musical award by Fairfax County Public School Music Department two years later. Soon, all peers recognized her as a hard worker both on and off the stage. While doing acting skits for her community, musically her singing took a soaring turn by her sophomore year at Hayfield Secondary when auditioning for Virginia's Music Association (VMA’s). This gave the opportunity to show off her vocal talent with her chorus, when she took the chance of recording with JNL Recording Services till 2001.Working with producers and creating c.d’s to expose her school’s choral department, she leaned a lot more in final years of high school. She spent time, with vocal coach Rose Ingberman at Music & Arts center as well as studying with Mark Sweet, while studying the piano on and off during elementary through high school.

      Before her big step in auditioning for a Broadway act at her local school, Charlene took the interest in planning for a local TV show.  The show was entitled “ Teen Escape” on Fairfax County channel 21 with classmate, Kristine Kelly in 98. The airing of the episodes ended in the fall of 99.  Surprising her family, friends, and music directors when Charlene took the leap by auditioning as a solo act for her high school community’s annual Broadway Night. Completing her senior year, she did a solo at Barns & Noble performing "Before I Gaze" and appeared as a background for a poem in Edison High School Literature Magazine in 2001; helping her start of her modeling career. Currently shopping for a talent agent and working as a web designer, Charlene hopes that she can take her talent at an international level if not a regional.

     Biography written by: Carlita 2005 updated by Charlene